Signs that a college student is struggling with addiction

One of the problems that college administrators, parents, teachers, and guardians have to contend with, is the spread of addiction in their schools. A good number of college students are struggling with addiction, but it may be hard to know unless you look out for the common signs.

Here are some of the signs of addiction in college students

Not regular in classes

You can know if a student is addicted if they keep skipping classes. This is the point where you know that their priorities have changed. They might be more focused on satisfying their addiction instead of going to classes where they may not be attentive.

Poor grades

When a student is addicted to either substances or behaviors, it may be hard for them to get good grades. This is because their regular life may have been disrupted, and they might not reconsider the importance of academics/education at that point in their lives.

Therefore, they may not see the reason to read well, attend classes, and do other important academic activities.

Lack of motivation

Another way to know that a college student is struggling with addiction is when they don’t have the drive or excitement for most activities in school.

Such students may not be interested in what is going on, and it would look obvious that they have other things in mind planned out.

Financial problems

Some college students struggling with addiction may experience financial issues. This is possible when they spend most of their money on funding their addiction. They might complain of financial insolvency and have nothing to show for what they’ve been spending their money on.

If you know a student struggling with addiction, it is important to assist them to get the right treatment help. Getting a solution to their addiction problem is essential before it constitutes unpleasant and negative side effects on their health, and other aspects of their lives.

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