The Addicted Student

student addictSomeone struggling this desperately with addiction while they are trying to get through school is on a downward path, and may be in jeopardy. The frightening thing about signs of addiction or mental disorder in this age group is that it is not even the age group that is hit hardest by mental problems. The mid to late twenties are statistically the time in a person’s life when they will struggle the hardest with mental problems. Therefore, if someone is displaying the signs in their late teens or early twenties, chances are they are going to continue to decline to a truly dangerous level. It is best to treat the problem when it is first detected, rather than wait for a life crisis. In the case of addiction, specialists and counselors are available to help for those who are willing to reach out. If you are a college or university student struggling with addiction, take action to defeat your addiction today.

A majority of university and college students are at an age that is particularly vulnerable to addiction problems. This is for a number of reasons. For most people, higher education takes place immediately after high school, during the late teens and early twenties. This is a very volatile time in many people’s lives. It is the time in people’s lives when they transition out of adolescence and into adulthood. Some transition smoothly and some transition in a more dysfunctional way. The latter of the two is prone to addiction problems, because it is the first time in their life when the burdens of adulthood are making them want an escape.

When someone from the university and college age demographic struggles with addiction, it tends to have an unmistakable appearance. If the person is abusing a substance, such as drugs or alcohol, they will either be more withdrawn and moody, have less time for the people in their lives and appear physically unhealthy, or they will be partying very conspicuously and openly, having regular binge fests and spending a great deal of time hungover. Their school performance tends to decline, as does their general level of responsibility.

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